ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline 1-888-426-4435

Vermont Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222


Pet Poison Helpline – a great resource for information on foods, household items and anything that may be potentially toxic or dangerous to your pet www.petpoisonhelpline.com



Tails of Vermont, Newfane, VT
Rob Danforth recently opened Tails of Vermont in the former Canine Design building adjacent to our veterinary clinic. He can be reached at 802-365-9866

Paws to Claws, Guilford, VT
Maryann operates Paws to Claws on Weatherhead Hollow Road in Guilford. She has been in business for many years and will groom cats as well as dogs.  She can be reached at 802-257-2464

Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Grooming, Marlboro, VT
Judi is located on Route 9 in Marlboro and can be reached at 802-464-2557


Full Stride Kennel, Newfane,VT
Jackie Toth owns and operates Full Stride Kennel at her home in Newfane.  Pets stay at in Jackie’s house and are treated as if they were her own pets.  She has a fenced yard for romping around. Check her out online at www.fullstridekennel.com


HomeAgain Pet Microchips provide subscribers with a lost pet recovery network, 24/7 lost pet specialists, a national pet recovery database, lost pet medical insurance, travel assistance for lost pets and a 24/7 emergency medical hotline.  More information is available at www.homeagain.com


Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH), Deerfield, MA.
VESH is a wonderful hospital that we have been working with since their inception in 2007. They offer emergency and critical care services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  That staff at VESH includes board certified specialists in the areas of radiology, surgery, cardiology and internal medicine.  To learn more please visit www.veshdeerfield.com

MassVet Cardiology, West Springfield, MA.
Dr. Nancy Morris and her staff offer cardiology consultations, echocardiograms and ECG’s in a location close to home! To learn more visit www.massvetcardiology.com or call 413-734-1292

Animal Eye Care of New England, Sunderland, MA.
Dr. Isabel Jurk and her staff are located at the Sunderland Animal Hospital in Sunderland, MA. They provide comprehensive care for all of your pets opthalmic needs. Visit them online at www.animaleyecareofNE.com or call them at 413-658-7641 for more information.

New England Veterinary Oncology Group (NEVOG), Waltham, MA.
NEVOG offers onsite radiation therapy, “CAT” Scans and full service chemotherapy.  For more information please visit www.nevog.com.

Dr. David Sobel, DVM, MRCVS, Metropolitan Veterinary Consultants
Dr. Sobel provides ultrasounds, echocariography, endoscopy and endoscopic surgery to small animal patients throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts at their veterinary practice or at one of his referral locations. Dr. Sobel visits WRVVS on an as needed basis. To learn more about Dr. Sobel and his practice visit www.metrovet.com.


One Stop Country Pet Supply, Brattleboro,VT and Keene, NH
One Stop is a locally owned and operated business.  They stock the widest variety of pet supplies in our area.  Their staff is friendly and knowledgable.  Their website is very fun and informative www.onestopcountrypet.com.

Jenny’s Pet Stuff, Brattleboro, VT
Homemade unique items for pets including beds, pillows and tents shaped liked mice and fish!  Very fun stuff! www.jennyspetstuff.com.


White Rose Pet Memorial Services, Brattleboro, VT
White Rose has a cooperative relationship with us and many other veterinary clinics in the area. They offer group and individual creamtion as well as memorial services, urns, caskets, garden and memorial markers and can also provide temporary storage for your pet while you make your final decisions regarding your pet.  To learn more and view their facility please visit their website at www.whiterosepet.com


Oral ATP (assessment, treatment, prevention) – This is a great website where you can learn about dental disease, how dental disease is graded, how dental disease is treated and how you can help prevent it. The pages are easy to read, understand, are printer friendly and easily emailed to friends! www.oralATP.com

Veterinary Oral Health Council – The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) authorizes the use of their registered seal on products that meet their standards for effectiveness in retarding plaque and tartar when the products are used as directed. For a list of products that have met these standards please visit their website www.vohc.org

American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) – The AVDC is an organization that certifies veterinary specialists in the area of dentistry. They also support the Veterinary Oral Health Council and create recommended standards of care for veterinary dentistry www.avdc.org

Veterinary Dental Services, Acton, Massachusetts – This facility specializes in veterinary dentistry. We have referred some of our more complex and unique dental procedures to this facility for treatment. Their website has a lot of great information on veterinary dentistry as well www.veterinarydental.com


CareCredit is a service of GE Capital Consumer Card Company that offers a flexible payment program designed speciafically for veterinary and healthcare expenses.  The card can be used for your pets but may also be used for your own healthcare expenses including dental visits.  Applying for CareCredit is easy and approval can be obtained in a matter of minutes when you apply online www.carecredit.com or by phone at 1-800-859-9975.

VPI Pet Insurance – One of the top pet insurance companies in the United States. Of our clients who have pet insurance, the majority have insurance through VPI. From the feedback we have received, most have been very pleased with VPI www.petinsurance.com

Feline Specific Topics:

Litter Box Troubles – visit www.catinfo.org The tips, suggestions and troubleshooting methods that are posted here for helping with cats who aren’t good about using the litter box are fantastic!!!

American Assocation of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) – This organization improves the health and welfare of cats by supporting quality veterinary care and creates recommended standards of care. There is also a cat owners tab on their website with some great resources www.catvets.com


Bill Grant, Ultimate Companions / Pet Stop Fence Systems
Bill Grant teaches obedience classes to all ages, ability levels and breeds in Putney and Burlington, Vermont.  His classes meet once a week for six weeks.  For more information on classes please visitwww.ultimatecompanion.com and for more information on pet stop fence systems please visit www.petstop.com.

Debbie Jacobs, Fearful Dogs
Debbie Jacobs is a certified trainer who specializes in working with Fearful Dogs. She has published her own books on the subject and is available for consultations. To contact her call 802-257-0152 or email her atinfo@fearfuldogs.com.  Her website is http://fearfuldogs.wordpress.com.

Yankee Dog Training, Brattleboro, Vermont – The Yankee Dog has many different classes and also hosts classes and programs with the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club. The classes include puppy socials, scent training, agility and they also offer doggie day care services. For more information on classes please visit www.yankeedogtraining.com and www.pioneervalleykennelclub.com

Animal Behavior Network, Dr Rolan Tripp – Dr Rolan Tripp specializes in behavior. His offices are located on the West Coast, thus he and his staff will consult with you through email and phone consultations. We often use handouts created by Dr Tripp for clients with behavior related questions www.animalbehavior.net

Dr Sophia Yin – This is a great behavior resource for everyone! There are how to videos and great recommendations and ideas. This website has a lot of information to offer in an easy to understand format. www.drsophiayin.com


Vermont Department of Health – Rabies testing, lists of positive animals in our area, information on other reportable diseases for humans and animals www.healthvermont.gov  For an updated list of animals testing positive for rabies visit www.healthvermont.gov/prevent/rabies/Rabies.aspx

Companion Animal Parasite Council – Have you ever wondered what the odds are that your pet may get Lyme disease, heartworm, hookworms, tapeworms (the list goes on and on) in our area? This website provides those statistics and also creates Parasite Prevalence Maps that are updated monthly. www.petsandparasites.org

American Heartworm Society – Do you have a question, concern, or just want to know more about Heartworm disease? Then this is the website to visit! The American Heartworm Society’s recommendations on testing, prevention and treatment of heartworm disease are the same policies and recommendations that we have at West River Valley Vet. www.heartwormsociety.org

DVM360 – This is a great resource for pet health topics in general. This website is constantly being updated with new handouts and information available each week. www.dvm360.com

Idexx Laboratories – This is the outside laboratory that we send our sample to for testing that we cannot perform here at the clinic. www.idexx.com

American Animal Hospital Association – This organization has created standards of care that every animal hospital should live up to! They are a great resource for information on why we make the recommendations that we do.  www.aahanet.org

RoadRunner Pharmacy – This is a compounding pharmacy that is located in Arizona. We often prescribe certain medications through them to be delivered to your door. RoadRunner has superb quality control and uses only the best ingredients. www.roadrunnerpharmacy.com

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association – They produce great press releases about seasonal concerns for our pets as well as any recent outbreaks or events of note in our area. They are also the governing body for veterinarians licensed in Vermont www.vtvets.org

Tufts – Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts is a great teaching hospital that offers behavior consultations, cancer treatments and other options for your pets medical needs that are not otherwise available in our area. www.tufts.edu/vet

VetriScience – VetriScience is a Williston, VT based company that creates and produces many supplements that our clinic endorses. They are great products, many you can purchase without a prescription while others you can only get through a veterinarian. www.vetriscience.com