This page is designed as a place for clients to remember their loved ones both past and present.  If you wish to submit a photo and a brief note about your pet, please download, print, sign and return photo release form to give us permission and then please email photos to thevalleyvet [at] svcable [dot] net or contact us here. We reserve the right to edit photos and text as needed.

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Crystal's pug dogs named Holly and Hogan
Katrina’s dog, Eddie

Crystals pugs Holly and Hogan. Hogan was the clinic acupuncture mascot – he loved to pose for photos. Holly visits the clinic regularly and is always willing and happy to say Hi to anyone.

Katrina’s chubby, yellow, buddy Eddie. If you meet Eddie be sure to ask him about bees, goats and skunks (he considers himself an expert).

Angela’s newest family member, a kitten named Monkey
A dog named Guiness Bristol

Angela’s newest family member Monkey.

Guiness Bristol